What are the tips for repairing the pvc ball valves?


If the ball valve leaks because of the loose handle, yo […]

If the ball valve leaks because of the loose handle, you can clamp the handle with a vise, and then rotate it counterclockwise to tighten the handle. It should be noted that you need to be careful when tightening the handle, do not use too much force, otherwise it is easy to break the ball valve.

If it is because the connection between the pvc ball valve and the water pipe is not tight, and the leak is not well sealed, you can wrap the raw material tape around the connection position of the water pipe and the ball valve, and install the ball valve after winding, so that there will be no water leakage.

If the water leakage is caused by cracking or defect of the ball valve, the old ball valve needs to be disassembled, and then a new ball valve needs to be reinstalled.

It should be noted that the pvc ball valve needs to be operated correctly when disassembling, and the following small points should be done.

After closing the ball valve, it is necessary to release all the pressure in the ball valve before it can be disassembled, otherwise it is prone to danger. Many people don't pay attention to this. The PVC Ball Valve is disassembled immediately after it is closed. There is still a certain amount of pressure inside. This part of the pressure is not released and is not conducive to personal safety.

After the ball valve is disassembled and repaired, it needs to be installed in the opposite direction of the disassembly and tightened and fixed, otherwise there will be water leakage.

If you want the pvc ball valve to last longer, it is necessary to reduce the number of switches as much as possible. When there is a water leak, you need to repair it in time according to the three tips in the article, and restore normal use as soon as possible.