What are the eight characteristics of pvc ball valve?


Generally, the application of pvc ball valve should not […]

Generally, the application of pvc ball valve should not exceed 45℃, and the medium is not suitable for organic solvents and strong oxidants. According to this situation, this type of ball valve is restricted to use fluids below 45°C and the pressure is less than 1.0mpa.
1. Features 1. Powerful functions: intelligent, proportional, switch type everything, small size: the volume is only about 35% of similar products.
2. Light and cheap: the weight is only equivalent to about 30% of similar products, and the performance is reliable: the bearings and electrical components are imported famous brand products.
3. Beautiful and generous: aluminum alloy die-casting shell, fine and smooth, high strength and wear resistance: special copper alloy forged worm wheel, high strength, good wear resistance.
4. Safety guarantee: 1500v withstand voltage, special wire lock to lock the cable. Simple matching: single-phase power supply and external wiring are particularly simple.
5. Easy to use: no refueling, no spot inspection, waterproof and rustproof, installation at any angle, protection device: double limit, overheat protection, overload protection.
6. Multiple speeds: the total travel time is 5 to 60 seconds, meeting the requirements of different working conditions, special-grade wires: use heat-resistant and flame-retardant wires, which are not aging when heated, and are safe and reliable.
7. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust: brackets, couplings and screws are all made of stainless steel
8.Intelligent CNC: The built-in module adopts advanced computer single chip and intelligent control software to directly receive the standard control signal (4-20madc/1-5vdc signal, etc.) output by the computer or industrial instrument to realize the opening of the electric valve (intelligent control and precision of displacement) position)