What is UPVC foot valve


UPVC foot valves can be divided into plastic foot valve […]

UPVC foot valves can be divided into plastic foot valves and metal foot valves according to their materials, as well as ordinary foot valves and foot valves with backwash water flow.

The foot valve is a kind of energy-saving valve, which is generally installed at the bottom end of the underwater suction pipe of the pump. It restricts the liquid in the pump pipe to return to the water source and plays the function of only entering and not exiting. There are many water inlet products and reinforcing ribs on the valve cover. It is not easy to be blocked, and is mainly used in the pipeline for pumping. The function of the water channel and the support. The caliber has a single petal, double petal, multi petal type. There are flange connection and thread connection.

The water from the water source enters the valve body from the valve cover. Under the action of the pressure of the fluid, the valve flap opens the water. When the stop is indicated, the pressure in the outlet pipe quickly closes the valve flap, and the liquid will not be poured back into the water source. The effect of saving water energy loss.

In order to prevent backflow of media, check valves should be installed on equipment, devices and pipelines;
Check valves are generally suitable for clean media, not suitable for media containing solid particles and high viscosity.