What is the function of the regulating valve selection system


It may be valve pressure that there are few product var […]

It may be valve pressure that there are few product varieties and specifications in some fields, and the product can be selected artificially or in some fields, users can only buy what is produced, and there is no active choice. But for industries that sell and produce control valves, an ERP system without a product selection system is incomplete and unprofessional. In order to meet the needs of users and quickly occupy the market, domestic and foreign control valve manufacturers have developed a selection system suitable for their products, assisting sales personnel in product selection, and using computer information technology to integrate product design parameters and applicable The environment and relevant experience knowledge are stored in the database to facilitate the correct selection of the valve by the sales staff, thereby improving the quality and efficiency of product selection.


But this kind of application is only a single, pure product selection, and there is no data interface with its own  system. Firstly, the selection system shall transmit the project information and product selection technical parameters through the Internet network back to the quotation system of the headquarters to request a project quotation, and then the ERP quotation system transmits the quotation results to the sales outlets through the Internet network through the quotation process. If the project wins the bid, the sales outlets need to pass the contract and product parameter information back to the sales commerce system of the headquarters through the Internet network to schedule the product plan. The control valve product selection system not only has a data interface with ERP internal related systems, but also has an external interface with the device design system of the design institute.


The core of the data interface is the product data sheet. The design institute transmits the technical requirements for valves in the device to the selection personnel in the form of  spreadsheets. The selection personnel automatically read the technical parameters through the import program. The  selection system is used as the basis for parameter calculation and product selection. The results of the model are also transmitted back to the design institute in the form of an  spreadsheet, and the device designer automatically reads the results of the model selection into the device design system through the import program. The establishment of the product data knowledge base is the key and difficult point of the control valve product selection system. At the beginning of product design, standardization and standardization are required.


Product information involved in various links in sales, production and operation activities is based on design information, which ensures the unity and uniqueness of data. The product structure of the regulating valve is relatively simple, and the number of parts is small, but the assembly relationship is complex, and the constraints and corresponding relationships in the technical conditions are complex. If you are unfamiliar with the product, the selected product will be inaccurate or cannot be produced and processed at all, which requires a very high level of technology for the selection personnel. How to convert the paper product samples and the experience in the designer's mind into a database for storage to form a huge knowledge base of control valve products, and then use the software system to call and assist in the selection. This is the development of the selection system The key point of success or failure.