What are the measures for antifreeze and heat preservation of traps


We Ball Valve will not have any problems with the selec […]

We Ball Valve will not have any problems with the selection of antifreeze protection and the installation of the drain valve. But if the steam is cut off, the steam condensed water will form a vacuum in the heat exchanger or accompanying pipe. This will prevent the free discharge of condensate from the system before freezing occurs. When multiple drain valves are installed in the drain valve station at the same time, the insulation of the drain valve can prevent freezing. What are the antifreeze and heat preservation measures for traps?The antifreeze and heat preservation measures for the drain valve are as follows.Antifreeze measures include.Do not choose too large a trap valve.


Keep the drain line of the trap as short as possible. Downward curved drainage line to accelerate gravity discharge.The steam trap discharge pipeline and the condensate return pipeline are insulated.When the condensate return line is exposed to atmospheric conditions, Zhangjiagang steam energy-saving equipment should consider adding heat tracing pipes.The vacuum circuit breaker trap installed between the discharge device and the trap, as well as the trap discharge pipeline, should be discharged by the discharge tube that is used manually or with protection against refrigeration automatic discharge. When we are in the trap to keep warm, we can follow the antifreeze measures abov.