PVDF Diaphragm Valve In Industrial Piping Systems


Diaphragm valves consist of a valve body, a diaphragm, […]

Diaphragm valves consist of a valve body, a diaphragm, and a "weir" or saddle upon which the diaphragm closes the valve. While diaphragm valves usually come in two-port forms, they can also come with three ports and even more.


When more than three ports are included, they generally require more than one diaphragm. Diaphragm valves can be manual or automated and are easy to clean. They are excellent for controlling the flow of fluids containing suspended solids and offer the flexibility of being installed in any position.


Diaphragm valves are ideal for flow control by offering a variable and precise opening for controlling pressure drop through the valve. Their application is generally as shut-off valves in process systems within the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and bio-tech industries.


PVDF Diaphragm Valves are used in medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, research and other high-purity liquid transportation applications where the highest-quality systems are required.


PVDF Diaphragm Valve is required for controlling & regulating fluid flow in various industrial piping systems. This valve is completely suitable to be used for both high & low pressure conditions and shows superior chemical stability. It is greatly admired for having long service life and completely reliable nature. This valve is made of superior quality PVDF thermoplastic polymer for having good abrasion & wear resistance. It also comprises a hand wheel for easy opening & closing of valve. PVDF Diaphragm Valve is most commonly used as shut-off valves in pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries.