Differences Between Globe Valves And Ball Valves


At present, there are various types of ball valves for […]

At present, there are various types of ball valves for different applications in the market, so how do we evaluate and justify the correct ball valves for the best application? In the following passage, we'll explore the merits of ball valves and globe valves.

Main difference of both valves

As we all know, the major difference between globe and ball valves is the approach of the closing. A globe valve used to the throttling of the flowing, but a ball valve possesses a ball in order to close the flow. Globe valves are beneficial for the regulating of the flow, whereas ball valves are well-performed for the flow-controlling without any pressure drops.

Ball valves have a stem and a ball, which turns horizontally, and are commonly referred to as “rotational” valves. However, globe valves have a stem and a plug, which strokes linearly, and receive another name of “stroke” valves.

Basic characteristics of two valves

Ball valves:

a. Ball valves share a small obstruction of its fluid and a lower operating sound;
b. Such kinds of valves possess a simple structure without any restrictions of its installment, a small relative volume, a light weight and a undemanding repairing;
c. The medium of ball valves take a divergent flowing without any vibrations;
d. Ball valves take a high accuracy of its processing with an expensive cost;
e. Throttling doesn’t belongs to the ball valve’s employment.

Globe valves:

a. Such kinds of valves share a simple structure and an undemanding processing and repairing;
b. Globe valves take a short time of its opening and closing under a short operation;
c. It has obtained a well-performed sealing with small frictions within sealing surface, and a long-term working service;
d. Such valves possess a large obstruction of its fluids, and amounts of force in the course of its opening and closing;
e. It is inappropriate for globe valves to hold such medium with sticky granules.

Better selection between ball valves and globe valves?

Ball valves are durable, performing well after many cycles; and reliable, closing securely even after long-term of misusing. These qualities are conducive to ball valves becoming an eminent option for shutting-off applications, comparing with gates and globe valves. On the flip side, ball valves lacking the fine-controlling in the throttling applications offered by globe valves.