Advantages and applications of PVDF plastic ball valve


Plastic ball valves have to withstand different tempera […]

Plastic ball valves have to withstand different temperatures according to different materials. Plastic Ball Valve  parts adopt RPP or PVDF injection plastic. It has good corrosion resistance and long service life. And the rotation is very flexible and very convenient to use. Using F4 sealing ring, the integral ball valve is not easy to leak and has high strength. The connecting ball valve is easy to disassemble. Generally speaking, the medium used to cut and connect pipes can also be used to regulate and control fluids.

Compared with other valves, PVDF plastic ball valve has the least resistance. The plastic ball valve is light in weight, good in corrosion resistance, light in weight, easy to install, beautiful and compact in appearance, wear-resistant and easy to disassemble, and has a wide range of flat applications.

Because PVDF plastic ball valve has good corrosion resistance, it is often used in some factories and industries. Metal ball valves are good from the start. After a long time, it was troublesome. The water stop function is deteriorated, and the adjustment is troublesome, and it is difficult to reverse. There are not so many problems with plastic ball valves. So it is widely used