What is the difference between PVC water supply pipe and PVC drainage pipe


The color is uniform, and the inner and outer walls are […]

The color is uniform, and the inner and outer walls are smooth and have a tough feeling. The poor quality PVC drainage pipe has a hard texture and uneven color. Some have smooth outer walls, rough inner walls, and needle punches or small holes.
Toughness is a key indicator when purchasing PVC drainage pipes. How to determine that when we saw it into a narrow strip, we tried to fold it 180, and it broke once it was broken, indicating that the toughness is very poor; it is difficult to break, indicating that it has toughness.
Judging from the cut surface of the PVC Ball Valve, the fine cut surface indicates that the pipe has better homogenization, strength and toughness, and is a good quality pipe; if the cut surface is rough and has a sandy texture, the quality of such a pipe is average.
1. Different uses: PVC water supply pipes are mainly used for indoor water supply and reclaimed water systems in civil and industrial buildings; buried water supply systems in residential quarters and factories; urban water supply pipeline systems; water treatment plant water treatment pipeline systems; marine aquaculture; Garden irrigation, well sinking and other engineering and other industrial pipes. PVC drainage pipes are mainly used for building drainage and domestic sewage drainage.
2. Different specifications: There are more specifications and models of PVC water supply pipes in order to meet the requirements of various projects; the specifications and models of PVC drainage pipes are relatively small, because the drainage system itself does not require too many specifications. Even with the same model (outer diameter), the wall thickness of the water supply pipe and the drain pipe are often different.
3. The price is different