What is the difference between Butterfly Valve and Check Valve


A butterfly valve is a type of flow control device that […]

A butterfly valve is a type of flow control device that regulates the flow of liquids or gases in a pipeline. It consists of a circular disk or vane that rotates within a pipe to vary the flow of fluid. Butterfly valves are known for their simple design, low cost, and easy maintenance. They are often used in industrial and commercial applications where a reliable flow control solution is required.


Plastic PVC Two Pieces Ball Valve

The Product Advantage:
1. Environment friendly, non-toxic, good looking;
2. Light weight, easy to handle and transport;
3. Soft colors and excellent design, suitable for installation either exposed or hidden;
4. Wonderful ability in chemical corrosion resistance;
5. Easy and fast installation, making cost minimized;


A check valve is a mechanical device that allows fluid (liquid or gas) to flow through it in only one direction. It is designed to prevent the reverse flow of fluid by automatically closing when the flow in the opposite direction is detected. There are several different types of check valves, including swing check valves, lift check valves, and ball check valves, which use different mechanisms to restrict reverse flow. Check valves are commonly used in plumbing, industrial, and agricultural applications to prevent backflow and maintain the integrity of fluid systems.