What are the problems of metal hard sealing butterfly valve sealing


In the development of the national economy, the valve i […]

In the development of the national economy, the valve industry plays a very important role as an important link in the preparation of the manufacturing industry. With the strong development of my country's real economy and traditional manufacturing industry, metal hard-sealed butterfly valves and related products, as indispensable basic parts in the manufacturing production chain, have also made great progress, and various valve manufacturers have sprung up in the market. China's manufacturing industry has injected infinite vitality, and its contribution to the national economy is obvious to all. Metal hard sealing Butterfly Valve should pay attention to some situations in daily use.​​


1. The bolts welded on the valve disc should not be too long, otherwise they will flow into the valve body because the bolts are too long, causing the seal to be "overhead" and unable to play a sealing role; attention should be paid to check and adjust the opening of the screw during assembly to ensure that The sealing surfaces can be tightly engaged.


2. Select a suitable adjusting pad, the thickness of the pad should be slightly lower than or equal to the height of the sealing surface of the valve disc, so that the soft sealing pad and the sealing surface of the valve disc are closely attached and are on the same plane.


3. In order to prevent the compression nut from falling off, the nut should be loosened properly after being tightened.


4. The use conditions of the fluid medium should be considered, and the soft gasket suitable for the medium requirements should be selected to avoid medium corrosion or high temperature deformation affecting the use.


5. When the sealing surface of the valve seat is seriously damaged, the valve seat can be scrapped, and the valve core can continue to be used together with the valve seat of the same specification after being improved.


6. When adjusting the valve, it should be marked to avoid sudden opening and closing, so as not to affect the service life of the gasket.

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