What are the advantages of PVC plastic valve pipe


PVC valves, the third type of plastic valves used in pr […]

PVC valves, the third type of plastic valves used in production after polyethylene and polypropylene, have relatively low installation costs compared with traditional materials such as copper or ductile iron. By adding plasticizers, they can be made softer and lighter UPVC COMPACT BALL VALVE material.

Advantages of PVC plastic valve pipe

1. Corrosion resistance: PVC plastic valve has stronger acid and alkali resistance than ordinary cast iron pipes and galvanized pipes, and will not rust and scale.

2. Small fluid resistance: the inner wall of the plastic valve pipe is smooth and does not adhere to scale.

3. High mechanical strength: The plastic valve has good water pressure resistance, impact resistance, and tensile strength. It can withstand 110 atmospheres for 1 hour at room temperature without breaking.

4. Sanitary and non-toxic: The unique green lead-free formula of Huanqi Plastic Valve will not damage the water quality and affect human health.

5. Convenient installation: The plastic valve has low density, light weight, easy loading, unloading and transportation, and simple and quick installation.

6. Suitable temperature performance: The plastic valve UPVC water supply pipe is the best in the temperature range of room temperature.
7. Good water tightness: 15 minutes after the interface adhesive is bonded, the bonding strength can reach 12.5/C or more.