What are the advantages and characteristics of the pinch valve


A pinch valve is a pinch valve. Pinch valve, also known […]

A pinch valve is a pinch valve. Pinch valve, also known as pinch valve, pressure tube valve, air bag valve, pinch off valve, etc. in China. Use pneumatic, electric, manual or hydraulic driving methods to squeeze the casing to achieve the switch/regulation function. So do you know what are the advantages and characteristics of the pinch valve?


Standard Plastic PVC OEM Two Pieces Ball Valve

Use: Agriculture irrigation/Mariculture/Swimming pool/Engineering construction
Style Number: XE0111-XE01116
Color: Many colors available for choice
Material: UPVC
Sample: Free provided
Certificate: ISO9001:2015, SGS, GMC, CNAS
Delivery: 7-30days
Packing: Carton, Polybag, Color Box or Customized

The advantages and characteristics of the pinch valve are as follows:

No leakage: There are rubber flanges at both ends of the liner. When the valve is connected to the pipeline, no additional sealing gasket is required. The valve passage and the control medium space are in an isolated state, and there will be no internal leakage or external leakage, thus fundamentally Running, popping, dripping, leaking and other bad phenomena.

Longer service life than alloy valves: the part of the pinch valve in contact with the medium is the inner tank, and its inner wall is made of rubber, which is very smooth and elastic. When the medium passes through the inner tank, the friction between the medium and the inner wall is very small.

High corrosion resistance: It can withstand various medium-concentration acids and alkali-salt solutions of any concentration, and can transport ore pulp, dry and wet powder and media with crystalline objects.

Full bore: When the pinch valve is in the open state, its overall structure can be integrated with the pipeline system without changing the inner diameter and structure of the pipeline, and has no effect on the structure of the flowing medium in the pipeline.

Non-clogging and impurity-free closure: the full bore of the pinch valve is non-clogging. Since the fluid medium flows in the elastic inner tank, it will not scale and has a self-cleaning function. It can naturally achieve a non-clogging effect even in the presence of solid particles. In some cases, the liner is deformed by pressing the pressure plate.

The pinch valve ensures two-way zero-leakage closure when fully closed, and is inherently designed with no seals to maintain.