True Union Ball Valves Offer Convenience And Dependability


True Union Ball Valves are available in a broad spectru […]

True Union Ball Valves are available in a broad spectrum of sizes to suit the needs of your specific application. The name “True Union” means that the carrier, or main part, of the valve can be removed from the pipe system and can be either repaired or replaced.

A ball valve is used to control flow for and on and off applications, the handle turns and the ball is moved to allow flow of liquids through the hole, opening, or can block flow entirely by closing the valve.

Sometimes called double union valves, true union ball valves offer convenience and dependability. These valves feature special removable unions on each end that allow the valve body to be taken out of line and cleaned or repaired without having to cut the pipe or destroy the valve.

For this reason, true unions are typically used in heavy duty industrial applications or in pipe lines where standard valve replacement would be costly and impractical.