How to do antifreeze and maintenance to the valve in winter


After entering the winter, the temperature drops rapidl […]

After entering the winter, the temperature drops rapidly, and the valve often freezes. If the treatment is not carried out at this time, the pipeline is prone to failure. If it is in some high-risk conditions, accidents may occur. Therefore, the antifreeze treatment of the valve is very important. During the process, if it is found that there is freezing phenomenon and it cannot work normally, it is strictly forbidden to use a wrench or other heavy objects to hit the valve. The correct method is to close the valve and freeze it with steam or hot water before opening.


This Check Valve can play a variety of functions, first of all , when in use, it can play a good role in intercepting, diverting and converging, and a variety of functions make it meet the needs of the paper industry, so it is a new type of valve in this regard. For example, water in the industry , air, steam and other media are used for transportation. At this time, the gate valve is a kind of equipment used. It can also be used to transport highly corrosive media in many industrial applications. It is well known that some media are highly corrosive and will affect service life.