History Of Butterfly Valve


Butterfly valves are resistant to several chemicals and […]

Butterfly valves are resistant to several chemicals and offer excellent flow characteristics Available handwheel gearbox and electric & pneumatic actuators, as well as in accordance with several dimensioning standards (ISO/DIN, ANSI/ASTM, British Standard, JIS).


The original butterfly valve is a simple and loosely closed baffle valve. It is usually used as flow regulator and damper valve in water pipe system. Because of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) have strong corrosion resistance, stable performance, not easy to aging, low friction coefficient, easy to shape, size stability, and can also be through filling, add the appropriate material to improve its comprehensive performance, get better strength, lower friction coefficient of butterfly valve sealing material, overcome some limitations of the synthetic rubber, and represented by PTFE polymer material and filling modification on the butterfly valve has been widely used, so that the butterfly valve, further improve the performance of the temperature and pressure is wider, sealing performance and longer service life of butterfly valve.


In order to meet the requirements of high and low temperature, strong erosion, long life and other industrial applications, the metal sealing butterfly valve has been greatly developed in recent decades. With high temperature resistant, resistant to low temperature, strong corrosion resistance, strong erosion resistance, high strength alloy material in the application of butterfly valve, make the metal sealing butterfly valve in high and low temperature, strong erosion, long life and other industrial fields has been widely used, the large diameter (9750 mm), high pressure (2.2 kN/cm2), wide temperature range (102 ~ 606 ℃) butterfly valves, so that the butterfly valve technology to reach a whole new level.


The application of computer aided design (CAD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM) and flexible manufacturing system (FMS) in valve industry brings the design and manufacture of butterfly valve to a new level. It not only comprehensively innovates the design and calculation method of valve, but also relieves the heavy repetitive routine design work of professional technicians, so that technicians have more energy to improve the technical performance of products and research and development of new products, which shortens the cycle and improves labor productivity.


Especially in the field of metal sealing butterfly valve, due to the application of CAD/CAM, the 3d sealing pair designed by CAD and manufactured by CAM numerical control processing appears, so that the valve in the opening and closing process of the sealing surface without any extrusion, abrasion, wear, so that the sealing and service life of the butterfly valve into an order of magnitude.