Applications And Markets Of Pipe Fittings


Fittings are used wherever liquids, gases, chemicals an […]

Fittings are used wherever liquids, gases, chemicals and other fluids are created, processed, transported, or used.

Range of industries is very wide, as shown below:

Energy related.
Oil and gas industries, including upstream (exploration and production), midstream (transportation by ships, pipeline, rail, trucks; storage and wholesale) and downstream (refining into fuels or chemicals; marketing and distribution). Power plants using fossil or nuclear fuels. Geothermal energy for harnessing heat from the earth.

Food and beverage production.
From basic ingredients to elaborate desserts. From milk, to juices and other beverages. Cold chain to keep produce fresh, drinks and frozen foods at a set temperature. Desalination plants to transform seawater into drinking water for arid areas and various tropical islands.

Pharmaceuticals and biotech production.
Medicines and vaccines that treat illnesses and help restore bodies and minds to their top conditions.

Semiconductor manufacturing:
Microchips that go into all electronics, including smartphones, tablets, computers, television sets, telecom networks …

Pulp and paper production.
Newsprint, glossy paper, cardboard boxes, books, writing paper

Production of construction materials and plastics. From roofing materials, to glassmaking for windows, to copper wiring for transporting electricity, and various plastics throughout houses and office buildings.